Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bikes, Yeah!

We rode our bikes as much as possible in Amsterdam. People said we blended right in...
Music: Bike Thief by Freezepop


Anonymous said...

Yeah too! :)

Anonymous said...

funky sunglasses!!

amsterdam must be just like denmark then, everyone rides bikes there too!

Anonymous said...

Nice music, nice editing, nice shots!!!
Cool way to see how the bike there is a mayor transportation item. I wonder what city in the US is like that. In Bogota people ride a lot, there's even special streets for bicycles.

Anonymous said...

Heeey, how cool was that?? Great video, so glad you could attend VlogEurope.

J. k. N. said...

bikes are pretty much the coolest modes of transportation in the world.
I'm finding the out very quickly.

art & thought mechanic said...

Ryanne, you are so cute with wind blown hair. Ha!

This video rises to the top of my favorite list. Well it's a tie with your evengelical vlog post.

I agree with you on "outdoors" vlog entries...I just got back from another long walk and saw Verdi today at node101.

Life has never been better, i'm glad I stuck it out through dark times.

Video blogging has given me a corner of the digital world to connect to others when I often feel disconnected from others. Without freevlog my videos would have sat in a box. A box that would never have been opened and eventually thrown away. Now the videos are a "click" away from pandora. heh. (of coarse much thanx to Fireant, HI JAY!!! HI Peter- man talk about LIVING OUT the next chapters of "Video art" in text books... in due time)

I don"t comment enough:
but Ryanne: Your vlog, artistic integrity, and overall activisim has my utmost attention

more later
~juancarlosgonzalez aka mrmultiple2

Tim McFarlane said...

This is great! Love the music and editing. It's so nice to see places in the world where you aren't treated like a fourth class citizen for daring to ride on the road.

Anonymous said...

so awesome. i kinda wanna repost this on my site. i love the editing and the movement and your beautiful happy face and all the bikes. yeah

Clark ov Saturn said...

yay! great fun! bikes are super duper part of the amsterdam experience! thanks for taking me back. yeah, cool electro track! i hope you hit the global chillage coffee shop (if it's still there! ) :)

Steve Garfield said...

I just featured this post in Vlog Soup: Episode 4.

You look so happy on the back of that bike!

Anonymous said...

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