Thursday, September 15, 2005

ITConversations: Podcasting & Videoblogging at BlogHer

Listen to Lisa Williams and I in our session at BlogHer. Courtesy of ITConversations.


Melanie said...

Thanks for posting that, Ryanne. I only knew a littIe about podcasting and media feeds and now I know a lot more.

I already subscribed to your feed via iTunes, and I just downloaded NetNewsWire and put you on that. It works out better for me right now because I'm short on HD space and can look at the clips through my browser instead of downloading them. When I upgrade my OS I'll definitely give ANT a look.

You guys are just a wealth of information. My head is just spinning with all the new stuff I'm learning. Thanks for everything you're doing to spread the word and get more of us involved.

Koan said...

It was a pleasure listening to (and recording) you and Lisa at BlogHer - in between managing the mixer, I *was* listening to your content, too, and I'm pleased to say you've inspired me to start videoblogging too. So, that's another one you've converted! ;-)

Cheers, Koan

Anonymous said...

I have linked this blog to my web site where I list Blogs. If you can link back that would be coool.
Here is the site look under blog section, James

Anonymous said...

This rocked. OK, I guess I am a total geek, because ITConversations is one of my favorite podcasts. That rocks that you all got featured on there. It was nice to hear you rapping out this stuff at length.

Anonymous said...

The proper grammer is "listen to Lisa and me", not "listen to Lisa and I." The rule of them is that you remove the other person from the sentence to see if it sounds right. You would not say "listen to I", unless maybe you were Jar Jar Binks or something.