Monday, September 05, 2005

Hack the CVS Disposable Vid Cam, for reals

For real this time! I transcoded this to 3ivX so y'all can watch the sonabitch...


Jen Simmons said...

Cool. Thanks Ryanne. I wish this guy went into more detail. His video is more of a "come with me on a tourist on my trip and see that I did in fact do it!" then a "here's how you can do it:... Dave, where did you get that cable? What's it called? Which wires did you soder to which wires? Where did you get the software?? What OS'es is it available for? What do all those code-words you keep using mean?

So, this is cool. Does another videoblogger want to try this again and make a video that we can all understand -- so we can do it!

(And Ryanne, are those captions yours? Or someone elses?)

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the exo-links to video, but I'm starting to see cross-postings (I subscribe to Juan's vlog, for instance) and excerpts from commercial TV news played sans-Ryanne and it's all just... sans-Ryanne. I like it when you're on and talking, even if it's just to say you're busy.

Any thoughts on starting a separate feed that only has your entries? That's what the one I'd like to subscribe to.

Perhaps RSS 3.0 will allow for differentiation via tagged enclosures... so I could do something like subscribe to a subset your feed. Something like "subscribe to RVB, but only entries tagged 'personal'".

Anonymous said...


I wish the video was in better explanatory shape. As Jen said, what cable was that? What exactly did he do to it? And what software did he use to comvenrt from AVI to MOV?

Any way, when's your next "personal" post as "Ed s" said?

ryanne said...

i agree. this video should be more clear. that's why we're getting him to write a hack for the videoblogging book.