Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Visual Archive for Vloggers

We're sitting around, geeking out and Peter, Verdi, Josh and I thought it might be rad to use the Mefeedia thumbnail generator to make a visual archive for your videoblog. But how would we do that in Blogger since you can't generate html pages? Put the code in a post! The cool thing about your archive? It keeps growing as you add new videos! Check out mine.


Faux Press said...

Holy shit: you guys are wonderfully dangerous together. Are y'all hanging out some day this week in a space that would accommodate a visit? Verdi in town makes me itchy for vlogosphere communion.

art & thought mechanic said...

So like I commented yesterday but I guess the Internets ate it, if comes back up OOOPS! sorry for the BURP!

Anyway, my Mind Melted when I saw this Vid.
I tried it myself around 4am.

I'm learning so much from All of you.
Learning is my favorite part of Life.
Thank You.