Saturday, August 27, 2005

Update, Blah Blah Blah

People are like "why are you so busy all the time?". This is why and I even failed to mention like 4 things too. Here are the links I mentioned in the video:
Verdi's Video about Node101
Markus' Video about Node101
Raymond's Video about European Nodes
Jan's Node101 on the Road
Meet the Vloggers
The Andrew Rasiej for Public Advocate Videoblog by ME


Mark said...

lol, the cat is vegetarian. haha

A.O. Flores said...

Nice kitty... meow!!!!!!
When you were talking about Jan taking her vlog road trip, I immediately thought "vlog crusade."

Enric said...

Good music with cat lettuce munchin'. My cats like corn, peas, lima beans and stuff I haven't tried :)

jason talbot (jjfever5k) said...

blogger should have a general comment section, like a guest book i guess, is there such a thing already? or how about a ryanedit discussion list? anyway i have a request, please make a video with one of the following things:

1) jay feeding the cat
2) ryan sewing a button onto something
3) djk talking about his pets
4) timlapsed video of jay and ryan's reaction to a movie they are watching


Motherhood is Here said...


So in the past 3-4 months vlogging has evolved so much. I signed up with (because I'm not a techy)and they have already made the interface so much more flexible and expanded the uploading capabilities. I'm not really sure what your role is, in all of the vlogging scene. But you have popped up in my research several times. What is your background? How do you know how to do all the technical stuff? I want to be cool too. Anna

Marta Fodor said...

This all sounds really cool, it is so Ryan-esque to get totally wrapped up in and involved-in things- so so good!! The screenings at the Film Archive sound awesome, I think it will be a great opportunity to 'spread the word' and tell/show people what vlogging is (and make a big impact via a big screen). The cat bit is adorable (esp. with the wild music). At times I am reminded how much I miss living with you my sweet Ryan.

trine said...

FINALLY I got this to load.
I know i keep banging on about this, but i am so gutted i can't make amsterdam.
it's strange. I can't seem to find anything to vlog about these days. it all looks crap when i edit it. vloggers block?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan, It's nice to see your little face. My cat loves green beans.
Love, Laurie

Michael said...

I'm so glad that I watched this today Ryanne! In the back of my mind all day I've been wondering whether I could/should help people in my community learn how to vlog. I'll take it as a sign.