Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fake France


Anonymous said...

I love the look you give Jay at the end.

- Lisa

Anonymous said...

Posted this on my blog in response:

I don’t spend enough time writing about other vlogs here. I’m starting a renewed effort today. You must see this entry on Ryanne’s vlog. Rock on. Content. Lets talk about it. Start a discussion today. Better yet, lets blog about it, revlog other people’s content. Lets start seeing other people’s content on your blog, or start a blog like Josh did (Josh’s Picks). Content is key, and we’re not going anywhere until we start showing people the best of what we can do. How do we determine the best? One way is better tools, but using the tools now the best way I can see is to use the knowledge of the community to come to a consensus about good content. Lets get people voting with links for what they like and voting with text in their emails for what they like. Lets just get people talking about it. If I don’t say it enough, you rock Ryanne (and I’ll give Jay a little credit too, but not too much :)

Jay Dedman said...

i agree with clint. none of this stuff makes sense without the content. push it. your good.

schlomo rabinowitz said...

Hi, I'm a long time listener, but first time caller-- I really like your show!

For me, the individual videoblogger IS the content. Whatever that person is feeling/experiencing/needing to express is pretty much all I'm looking for in a vlogpost.

Up above here, Clint talks about acknowledging good content-- which is great, many of us do that in various ways (my main way is using the "watchthis" tag on delicious)-- but your video felt like you were trying to talk about how to create better content. If that is what you are saying, then I think that is a slippery slope to mudsville. I AM MY CONTENT. With my little digital still camera, with its barely 20min of footage I can record for an event, I, Videoblogger, filter my experience into the content of what I want to express on my videoblog.

Now if what you are talking about is "how do we talk about helping a videoblogger craft their content", that is a different story. I'm all for that.

Did I just ramble.

ryanne said...

i think the frustration i am feeling
comes from when we have meet ups
in new york
it's always the tool developers out weighing the content creators
thats what happened at vlogger con last year as well
and it pissed me off.
no one was talking about the things we were making
or how we wanted to teach people what the possibilites were.

i dont think we even know what all the possiblities are yet
but we keep talking about how to distribute
which is important of course
but what about talking about what people are making
talk about creativitiy
what else can we do?

that's what interests me.
and it doesnt get talked about nearly enough

Anonymous said...

Come visit, I make crepes nearly every morning...

Yes, content is the stuff that matters. The autonomy of a vlogger is important, but didn't the independent filmmaker already invent that?

Anonymous said...

You said it so elequently, and without typos, what I was kinda thinking. I agree, it would be super to get tool handy videobloggers to help with crafting content - vs. formulating what the inherent content of a videoblog is/ should be.

taxiplasm said...

I could not be more starving now.

Perhaps it's better to not talk about content because like Scholomo said, WE, THE VLOGGERS, ARE THE CONTENT -us simply being us. I know that my vlogs are almost a therapy, a way to understand my own conflicting emotions, and thus I am my own influence, like we all are.
I'm not saying that we shouldn't think about it or discuss it, it's just that I fear that if we ignite conversations about it, people might feel obligated with their content and only recycle what the majority finds to be "a good vlog." - I fear that vloggers may lose their individuality and subjectivity and ultimately their creativity- not so much the vloggers that have been doing it for months, but the new vloggers who are just starting to understand our purpose.
as Rabinowitz said -it is a slippery slope.


Phil Hamilton said...
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Phil Hamilton said...

Yea! i agree totally, ryanne. i don't really get into the technology talk. everyone can talk about content. to me videoblogging is about the alternative content to mainstream media.

Its a fear of mine that people will associate videoblogging with poor content. when i started vlogging, i did not feel that the quality of my posts mattered much and i didnt need to spend much time on them. Then when i started to make more creative posts i was afraid of over producing. Now i feel that i should spend as much time editing so that i like my posts, not just satisfied. I dont mean using crazy effects type editing, i mean condensing and expanding as needed. Afterall, this is not mainstream media; there are no deadlines.

PS. sorry bout the length. i have trouble condensing my words, thats why i videoblog.

Chris Daniel said...

Forget the content.. Let's put a cork on that knife before Jay stabs himself!!

Devin said...

mmmm creppe.

forgive my spelling.

Anonymous said...

Content... is like a crêpe. It's what matters and what your remember in the end. But the cook knows that the pan makes all the difference ;)