Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Steal Now, Pay Never

check out Ian from the UK's Video Blog
far too endearing for you to miss!


Ian said...

Thanks for the shout out! I’m really surprised you didn’t get attention just for wearing those long trousers. I would have tripped/got them caught in the escalator.

Cool video though.

Anonymous said...

beer in the afternoon AND stealin' shoes?!
naughty is always good.

Zadi said...

damn, why haven't i ever thought of doing that? nice insight :0)... the camera angles add a lot.


Chris said...

Wacky. I wonder if the staff cared that you had a camera. I just got into a tiff with the manager of an electronics shop while recording some consumer madness in his store. I can't believe you escaped with shoes!

I like your videos, I watched a whole pile of them recently.


Anonymous said...

So, not one person commenteed on the fact that stealing is not a GOOD thing to do. I guess no one gives a shit whether people steal or not. Hey, this is ART, so stealing is okay, maybe even cool. I wonder if Ryanne would think that it is cool if I were to come over to her apartment and steal her computer and her video camera. And in the process of stealing this stuff I could document it and then put that on a blog. Talk about life imitating art. How cool would that be?

ryanne said...

dear anonymous
stealing is not cool. i tried this as a punk ass stunt to see if i could get away with it. and i did. after that, shop lifting became my bad habit
and i continued to do so with the premis being "this is too easy and no one is noticing". bad bad bad. so eventually i made myself stop. i have never stolen from an individual, only big stores. this, however, does not justify any of my actions and i understand this. i guess i was just getting the rebel out of my system, one which bloomed late in my life unlike some people who go through a rebelous stage in middle or high school. i have no apologies or regrets for what i did. but i wanted you to know that i'm not trying to tell people that this is ok or cool. everyone does things that are seen as bad by other people wether it's stealing stuff or breaking someones heart, everyone has their opinion on wether it's ok or not. i respect your opinion.
thanks for the comment, i mean this sincerely,