Monday, April 12, 2010

Videoblogging Week 2010: Monday

did some work at the house today. went to a thrift store. typical day. we do a lot of things in one day. i only notice how many when i video and then share.


Unknown said...

did you pass up a george foreman grill? I swear I thought I saw that. I used a rival hot pot all the time when I was in the first gulf war, we would use it to heat up our MRE's and the microwave chef boy rdee's...we would just stick them in the hot water and a few minutes later, hot food...poor man's microwave...

Josh Leo said...

The grass looks like it is on it's way. Do you guys have an estimated finish date on the house?
glad you are on a roll with VBW

Unknown said...

Love it. I like the lock. I'm reluctant to get an electronic one with fears of batteries dieing. But this Analog/digital lock you have, would be a fit.

Gurdonark said...

I like the idea of the "notional" house--that is, the house under construction or renovation, when its final look is less a literal fact that one can completely see, and is in part more a notion. Here your notion even comes with little notes on the boards.

I also love the sound of mockingbird and cardinal singing. We have a mockingbird who perches on our little suburban chimney every morning and sings.

When I see little inexpensive analog cameras like those at a thrift store, I always want to buy them. Then I realize that I hate to load 35 film manually, and return to reality.

I love growing fresh new grass! There's something exciting when grass seed or grass turf "takes".
It's a perfect transitional from the "notional" to the "real".