Sunday, February 17, 2008


good god, paris is beautiful. the only thing keeping me from wanting to move there is that i can't speak a lick of french. daniel liss was recently there as was raymond. check out their amazing videos too. our xacti broke right before we hit paris, so we were shooting blind, no LCD screen to guide us. hence some crookedness. i think we did pretty well considering!

people you might know in this video: loiez, jefferey, raymond.


Tim said...

France - the only country where they make fun of you for trying to speak their language badly, and you laugh right along with them. Or maybe that's just me....

Levois said...

I love that tender moment I saw. Tre Bon! I don't know if I spelled that right.

Unknown said...

Hello Ryanne,

Seeing you two explore Europe is heartwarmingly great, but that very personal and subjective feeling of a European who just conscientiously noticed how intensely proud he is of all the different rich cultures it's embodies.

Cedric said...

Hi Ryanne,

After following your blog for a little while it's cool to read that you're in Paris.

I'm french leaving in Paris, moving to Boston soon. I find your videoblog throught google. I've alwais been interested in vlog.

I'd be happy to meet you guys around a drink if your still in town.

cedric (at) cpilard (dot) com

Zadi said...

I really liked the little moments in this video.:)