Monday, January 14, 2008

Brighton: Days 4 and 5, NaVloPoMo Screening

we trotted down south of london to brighton, where beth tilston (and rupert and robert croma) had put together a screening of a whole bunch of NaVloPoMo videos. it was so much fun! can you play spot the vlogger in this video? croma tries to hide, phil campbell makes a cameo...exciting UK stuff here!


David said...

We need names! Who were all those people!?!?

Anonymous said...


[Robert Croma's Agent]

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I saw Croma, and Beth, and Ru, and all the cool UK vloggers, and London, and Brighton, and a glitter toilet! WOOO! Thanks for posting that, seriously!

FYI I think Mefeedia is tracking the "semanal08" tag, unless I misread Ru's answer on the Ning site.

Anonymous said...

cool! haha. and one of my videos was screened. thanks for posting this.
hey, but you´re not eating healthy. :(

Gena said...

Hey what the heck were you eating for breakfast? It was visually interesting but was it tasty?

Anyway, thank for recording. I was curious how it turned out.


Unknown said...

I soooo wish I could have been looks like it was just so much fun...and is fun.. ;)

Unknown said...

thanks for taking us with you! I wish I was there so bad.

ryanne said...

that breakfast was all veggie!
even the "sausages" were veggie!
it was very good and brown, like a good breakfast should be!

Anonymous said...

thanks for putting this on, for being there and celebrating a great month of video.

this community just continues to amaze.

(where is Croma?)

ryanne said...

robert is the man matching jay with the shaved head at the restaurant trying to hide, beth was the woman first announcing the screening, rupert was...oh c'mon you all know him, and phil campbell was chatting with jay on the couch...ok ok i'll have little name tags next time!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Ryanne - a LOT of editing work in there that really drew me in and made me less sad I wasn't there with you all.

Anonymous said...

I love Jay's anti-DRM T-shirt, brilliant!

Beth said...

Yeah, breakfasts should be brown. It was lovely to have you guys here. See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryanne,

Your videos always look so hot - sharp and clear and with the greatest crisp text. I believe I've read somewhere your compression tips, but can't remember where. Could you post a link up to these tips? or point me to a good workflow process resource? Mucho appreciated.

I've got a canon HV20 and FCP 5 - so it ain't the equipment, it's me - and have got a case of bad fuzzies, and hiccups with blip. And just the general compression woes.

Thanks. And Happy Semanal.

ryanne said...

hey irene
this is my compression tutorial

though i have modified some settings recently-

i keep my audio at stereo 44khz 64 kbps
bump my video data rate up between 800-1000 though since you have an hd camera you might want to go higher.

good luck
email me if you have questions

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan,

I will try those.

Now if I can only remember how I used to get crips text...

Anonymous said...

That looked so awesome. Really hope a lot of those folks will be able to make it over to the states soon. Pixelodeon 08 perhaps?