Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cheap and Green Insulation: Recycled Paper Cellulose

Cheap and Green Insulation: Recycled Paper Cellulose
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i taped this while working in the country on jay's dad's building and decided to turn it into a RyanIsHungry post as well. double post action!


Anonymous said...

Building Materials are often stored outside where they are exposed to the weather. If they were stored in paper there is greater potential for molding. No one wants moldy insulation.

ryanne said...

someone over on the original post suggested a waxed paper as a plastic alternative. this would help keep the insulation dry and might be more sturdy than the flimsy plastic, which had a ton of holes in it when it got to us. not making it very water resistant anyway.

Anonymous said...

No the plastic is perfect for bagging, once done please place it in your recycle bin where it will be taken and stored for use in our up-cycle plant. Were we will turn it into two by fours for decking material and fence material. There by relieving the logging industry of using so many trees for the same product.

ryanne said...

up-cycling plastic is a good thing, however that does then require companies to make more plastic bags, most of which will not get recycled and usually end up in trees or in the ocean and never biodegrade. although i'm sure there are plenty of plastic bags that can get upcycled in the world, even after companies stop making them.

funny you should leave this comment, i see you are in OK, i happened to be there too on my way across country at this very moment!

B said...

These are great conservation tips. I was also able to find some good ones at and these show great potential as well. Thanks for your help with lowering my energy costs, I will check in a little later to let you know my progress and what the real time results were from implementing these tips!