Friday, May 04, 2007

Process: The Kitchen

Process: The Kitchen
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some of you know that i now live in a place that is accepting of power tools and working spaces, the san mateo eco-village. i have a little space out on our landing that i can do all this work. it's great! so this is our kitchen that i'm almost done refinishing. stripped the paint off all the cabinet faces and hardware, painted the molding. it's looking pretty darn fresh. i love that i finally have an outlet that i can make things and get my hands dirty again.

i started a blog just to document all my refinishing projects:
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B said...

My grandpa used to refinish furniture for fun, but he passed away when I was 18 & we never made time to pass down that skill. I really love this and now I want an apartment to make over! Er, wait, maybe I'll have one soon...! Anyway, I like open shelving too. And I like that countertop, but I'm a retro nerd & I don't suppose looking at 40 year old stains is very appetizing.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I finally was able to watch this without getting weird messages about not having the right quicktime version.
Anyway, just a comment on refinishing the brass hinges. I think your hinges were solid brass and not just gold colored plating over some cheaper, softer metal. I think if you dunked a bunch of plated stuff in stripper, it might eat away at the plating. Just a thought. It's good that you had the old solid stuff. And of course, am proud of you for doing all that work and making the place look great. Good job!

Headsoff said...

you're a total rock star. I don't know where you got the patience you have, I'd love to do stuff like this but I would never make it through! Things like this remind me of why we have community, everyone has different strengths and loves, and its awesome that you're living in this new community! I'm excited for ya.