Monday, April 03, 2006

Videoblogging Week-Day 1: CoWorking

my theme of this week is going to be the projects that i have some part in.
let me tell you, there are plenty!
for more info on SF go to
tara hunt is here. chris messina is here.

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has officially started. this means you make a video a day this whole week and tag it at technorati using this code in your posts:

see it on verdi's blog HERE


Anonymous said...

This is such a great idea! I think I'm lucky to have a really nice, customized office space at my house, but sometimes I think it would be great if a couple of other people came over and we did stuff together. One thing I think you should consider when looking for a space is and extra room, separate from the main area where people could go to have a meeting. Since most of you will be working on different projects, it would be nice to be able to remove yourselves--and not interrupt the others. Just a thought. And of course, don't forget about THE BATHROOM!!!

Unknown said...

That sounds really interesting.....sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger city..

Unknown said...

woo hoo vlog week!!!

Insurgent said...

Wow, that's cool -- I noticed Node101 was on the "people" involved... anyhow, I made a note on the wiki...

great video.

Michael Meiser said...

Cool video ryanne.

Really interesting idea. What strikes me most interesting is it's certainly a symbol of our time... the idea that this is the new "workplace"... not a cubicle, not a studio, not a workshop... but just a coffee shop type atmosphere. It's collaborative open space. Very reflective of the culture.

Michael Meiser said...

BTW, one problem... it'd be to much fun.. you'd never be able to work. Personally I like places where I can be completely anonymous. My favorite coffee shops is a nice out of the way place in the old Pilsen District of Chicago called the Jumping Bean. I just realized I never posted them to flickr. Luckily their still on my old website.



Damn, with all this content moderation I can't even post a link without feeling like a spammer. :)

Not only am I logged in, but there's word verification, AND a final level of verification from the owner of the blog. Blogger is crazy. Well I hope my links work. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,
I can already tell that you're going to love living in SF.

Chris & Tara are great, and filled with open source goodness and this sounds like a logical extension for what they've both been up to.