Friday, March 24, 2006

Mount Rushmore

We were so happy to see trees yesterday as we approched the South Dakota-Wyoming border. this video can not compare to chris weagel's more accurate portrait of a true Mount Rushmore experience.


Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I love you!
I'm so glad that you two decided to drive!
I like your soundtrack. It makes me happy to be able to check in on you and know you're rockin your way west.
Have fun and good snacks!
You'll be there soon enough. Live it up while it lasts.
Always yours,

Roger said...

I Love Mount Rushmore!:

Levois said...

That's got to be a sight. Mt. Rushmore in the snow.

Carl Weaver said...

$8 to park? They have got to be out of their freaking minds. What do they think it is - New York or something?

Anyway, thanks for this one. You helped me steer clear because apparently there is nothing else to do there. For $8 I want a car wash AND a parking spot.

JuanFalla said...

That's what ZOOM is for!!!!!