Thursday, March 23, 2006


here are some random clips that i edited in none other than QuickTime Pro. yep. these are totally little postcards for you guys. i'm sure i'll edit a nice shiny polished video when we're rested and in san fran. but for now you get little snippets. we make sure we have wi-fi at the motels we stay that makes this all possible. enjoy!
p.s. iowa, lower minnesota and all of south dakota is like a flat, vast nothingness. we drove 12 hours today. my brain feels blank.

P.S. read about ethanol fuel HERE on wikipedia


Mary Beth said...

I love the shot of the happy cat spreading its paw!
And way to go Iowa (ethanol and wind turbines)!

Steve Garfield said...


What our postcards are going to look like now.

My autograph book is already my digital camera, so it makes sense that the new postcards are vlogs.

Jen Simmons said...

I love it that your cat is happy and curious and not a bit afraid. That's so fabulous.)

Anonymous said...

was dedman just egging you on about which was the ethenol? or was he serious? It's the one with the big sticker over it that says in big letters, "ethenol".

B said...

You two are almost making me miss Iowa...quite a feat. Way to go :)

Levois said...

The last time I passed through Iowa it smelled. But then that was over a decade ago. LOL