Tuesday, March 14, 2006

american apparel, update.


missbhavens said...

Gotta love those rare and sparkly instances of superb quality service! Be it iced tea of quality outerwear, an unexpected act of big-company kindness ROCKS!

Good for you!

Steve Garfield said...

That's great.

You prompted me to get out the camera and shoot a video to show Progresso Soup how hard it is to open their new microwave soup container.

I Can't Open It: Progresso Soup.

Cult of Craft said...

I was watching this with Jen, when Jay did the Buddah-belly thing at the end, I was like, "I do that>"

Carl Weaver said...

Now and then you get a good company like that. Too often they don't care. I bought a tripod about seven years ago and had a part break on it. I emailed them and asked how I could purchase the part and they sent two of the parts for free. That type of thing rocks. Now I am a loyal customer.