Thursday, February 23, 2006

Uncle Monsterface: PETS

My friend Marty of Lobster Building fame, asked me to make a video for his band, Uncle Monsterface's song Pets. I decided to do a re-mix of videos from vloggers. I think it was quite successful. They'll be playing this on tour while they perform! You can catch them in Brooklyn on March 3rd. More info HERE.

Vloggers featured herein: Verdi, Bottom Union, Human Dog, Scratch, Fast Moving Animals, Pouringdown, Shannon Noble, Momentshowing, Taylor Street Studio, Little While, Heads Off and Almost Always Is Nearly Enough.


Anonymous said...

very well done, it came out great
and to think I was nervous you were
going to rush it and screw it up. Now you
need to get live footage of them performing
the song with this video as the backdrop.

It's nice to imagine people who have no clue
about these videos, and seeing all of this
strange footage for the first time
compiled into Uncle Monsterface Pets
video goodness. Great editing.

Anonymous said...

Ryanne, this is really very good. I have made some poor attempts at making music videos in the past, but I can never seem to "get them right". this one did.

art & thought mechanic said...

Your videos always make my procrastination into resarch and inspiration.

The Friendly Liberal said...

I'm not going to lie; I'm drunk right now. Even though the drunk perspective is generally ignored, I feel this video is best viewed during my condition. I enjoyed it thouroughly. Don't let my fancy words and not shitty grammar fool you, I am most certainly drunk right now.

I loved this video.

CT said...

That was right good, nice work. The puppets made me laugh out loud. Then my dog left the room.

chris weagel said...

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chris weagel said...

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Anthony said...

Quite successful indeed. Nice video Ryanne!

Chris P said...

I have no idea who you are, but I must say, that was a great video. I went to their show this past weekend at College Park and it went great with the song! I actually have video of the song live. When I get it up on YouTube, then I will send you the link!!!

Great Video!!