Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Freevlog and Node101 Goods!

Get your merchandise here:

Music: Science Genius Girl (Robokid's Lameboy Mix) by Freezepop


Lukas Blakk said...

cool! i'm gonna go right now!

Mike Machenry said...

Wow, I need to get one of these t-shirts. If I don't get one of these no one will think I'm cool. Though, this says nothing for the contrapositive. :-\


Carl Weaver said...

This is so cool. But if we have t-shirts that means we are no longer on the "outside." Being an accepted part of society isn't punk enough for me. Is it okay if I wear the shirts and have a pissy attitude?

Wait - if mundane is the new punk, does that make polite the new pissy?

Okay - the truth is I was never punk to begin with. Good job with the shirts!

Anonymous said...

Wow VERY cool! I definitely need one!

I'm confused though -- a couple nights ago when I was looking at it, there were 2 graphics of the man/woman with the camera that had clear backgrounds and you could change the color (I was going to do white on an orange shirt) -- but now those ones (vector?) are gone and there's just the bitmap ones that you can't customize! What happened?? :(

ryanne said...

we now have a more customizable set of logos and tshirts.
make sure you are choosing the second vlogger girl logo. the first one is a bitmap for the mug only (we need to fix that) and the second one is the customizable t-shirt version.
i found it confusing too at first
so many options!!!

JuanFalla said...

Ryanne, today I was re-visiting and found the t-shirts link, got in, and found it. I thiugh it was pretty awesome!!!! I played around with the options, colours, shapes, text... and although I didn't buy one today, i do have it in my to-do-list.