Saturday, October 01, 2005

Videoblogs at Anthology Film Archives!

Watch Videoblogs on the big screen!
Wednesday, October 5, 2005 6pm
Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Street @ 2nd Ave, NYC

Bring your friends, your enemies, yourself.

More to come about Node101 :: NYC weekly workshops.
Reporting for Videoblogging Events at We Are The Media.


Faux Press said...

Congratulations on the Node 101::NY space you guys. Know AFA well. Vlog the heck out of it!

Josh Leo said...

Do you always eat so well in the morning? I remember when jay made us breakfast and it was DELICIOUS! I want to eat breakfast at your apartment more often!

Anonymous said...

Sweet!!!!!! I probably can't make it until 6:30, so if yer shwowing anything of mine, can it be in the 2nd half?

kitykity said...

Very awesome! I've never heard of the Anthology Film Archives... time to do some reading. ;)

Anonymous said...

argh- i have a cost acc midterm at 8, otherwise i'd be there

Quirk said...

I'll start gathering some videos for an upcoming showing. Rock! See you there.