Friday, October 28, 2005

The ReVlog

my new vlog of videos i want you to see:

subscribe here:

and it will rock your face off!
along with the music in this video that i made myself!


JB said...

Brilliant as always...Its like you were born with a camera somebody here who knows nothin becoming "inspired".. I must be a fan!

lounger said...

Hey, you`re really looking sick. Take your time and relax. Drink a lot and take ... you know for shure what`s best for you. get well fast; the best wishes to you; keep rockin`.

Anonymous said...

you were totally cat-calling.

oh, revlog is yes

Anonymous said...

Cool. bit like vlog soup, but the whole chebang! i like! I won't have much time to surf around for vlogs in the next few months, so be great if you did it for me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is a _great_ idea!

Thank you!