Friday, April 08, 2005

This Video=Nazi Propaganda?

Is this a joke? Jay says "this is like some South Park shit"
I don't know who produced this absolute piece of filth, but it looks to me like a way to let good Americans know that it's OK your family member is dead beacause their un-armed hummer was blown up in Iraq. We'll see you in heaven, so it's ok! USA USA USA!!!


joel said...

Jesus H. Mother F@#$%^& Christ. This reminds me of Triump of the Will. I'll meet you for a coffee before we go and sign up with the Christian Coalition. yeah right. blawhhh... pfoooy...

Zadi said...

wow. um.......

Jodi said...

oh wow. that's really sick and it's totally not a joke like i had hoped it was. go to and you can learn all about the wack-o who made the video and is selling the CDs and DVDs for charity. Watching that made me want to hurl.

Doug said...

Aww come on guys give the idiot a break. Didn't you read his bio on the site? He works in Hollywood and has a naturally twisted and distorted view of reality. Life is a big movie for him. He never served in the military much less ever fought in a real war. How is he supposed to know the hell associated with serving under the Bush administration in the Middle East? I do think he should stick with movies and forget about his music career. I think he would be great in the remake of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Chalupa said...

i'm not sure which is more disturbing...the fact this guy made this or the fact that people are buying his cd's and dvd's.

Anonymous said...

i wanna be with him in a different way. the way where i kick him in the teeth.
that had so much potential. it could have been so funny. but then he had to go and drag the kids into it.
come on, man. not in front of the kids. that's just tasteless.
it is even too bad to parody.

Ian said...

That was creepy. it makes it looks like you all worship a piece of material... and if you wave it around it makes all the bad stuff go away.

Did anyone find the playground bit disturbing?

- Ian

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys, but i wish i had thought of that video before this guy had, honestly.
that was so good i cried laughing.


ryanne said...


Dear Dennis
Your video is hilarious!
i really commend you on pulling off such a brilliant parody of the
flag waving, Christian right who think it's ok for us to be at war
over in the Middle East.  Ha Ha!
You guys took a lot of time to portray an image that I would equate to
Nazi propaganda films.
It brilliantly parodies the message that "It's ok your dad died in an
unarmed hummer in Iraq, you'll see him in heaven as an angel." that
the Christian right and, heck, even our president would have us
Especially because the joke is really on all Christians because there
is no heaven!!!
Oh man I can't wait til judgement day.  Wait, that's a lie too!
Keep up the good work!
Great to see such quality humor on the internet.

Ryanne Hodson

Anonymous said...

Guys, this is TOTALLY a joke. A SATIRE on the over-patriotic post-9-11 mindless flag-waving and glorifying of war, as well as cheesy music videos. It's real in the sense of the money going to charity, because it would really piss people off if they thought he was exploiting tragedy for profit. But the video and song are a purposefully over-the-top caricature. They don't come right out and say that it's not serious, because they want blindly patriotic people to buy it too, but it is as sincere as Weird Al.
I'm suprised you all didn't pick up on that.

ryanne said...

surprised we didn't all pick up on that?
in the country we're living in now?
people piss this stuff out on christian music video channels all the time.
these guys are walking a fine fucking line here between parody and sincerity.
i wouldnt be surprised if this was real.
but i would be happier if it truely was a parody.
brilliant if it is.

Anonymous said...

Horrifyingly disgustingly frighteningly moronically nauseating. I think that sums it up for me.

Anonymous said...

A little research reveals that the video director was a producer/director of the X-files. Since that was an entire series about how the government lies to us, I can't imagine he would be sincere in making this. That goes for the cheesy style as well. The X-files was too well directed.
"I felt the love,
I breathed the air,
I touched the rain,
I wiped a TARE?"
Too funny to be real. If it is, I may have to leave the country.

joel said...

Anonymous - reveal youself and fess up - how do you know this is a parody? when i see wierd al, I know it's a parody... i wish wierd al would have do this video... he would have done it with class... I'm sorry, but based on the website I don't think this is a parody...
*sorry... i just came back from the toilet where i was vomiting Denis... then i took a shit - one big turd... then i stirred it up with my toilet brush... then i saluted Denis whilst I flushed him down into the sewer... great swirly btw*

so... now... can anyone explain what the difference is between this video and the ones the taliban make?

ryanne said...

the reason i don't think it's a parody is that it never once lets up. weird al, SNL, and whoever else does parody comedy usually lets up and gives you a slight clue that shows it's supposed to be over the top funny. most signs are pointing to YES this is real.
though i still really can't tell. i just can't put my finger on this one. it could go either way.

Anonymous said...

Man, Steve Perry has really fallen on hard times.

Anonymous said...

I really think this guy was serious abot this, which is kinda sad cuz it really sucks. Its most likely made for the crazy left-wing people who glorify america by having american flags all over their house and on their cars, with stupid bumper stickers.

my favorite part was when he touched the kids head on the playground and it sparkled :)

James Arthur O'Brien said...

This video is brilliant! I've debated with people about the "realness" of this video with people in SIM.

My opinion is that it's a satire, and it doesn't let up Andy Kaufman style. It serves two audiences that way. The real people who love America and angels, and people who like to laugh at people who love America and angels.

This is acommemorative plate made into a video.

The website that sells the dvd of the video and all the proceeds go to all these organizations and two of the organizations are charities set up by comedians, Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis. That also tells me it's a satire.

I don't believe it's propaganda, but it's perfect humor for the internet and brilliantly executed. I laugh harder and harder the more i see it.