Thursday, April 14, 2005



Anonymous said...

wow. you really are in new york.
i think that just made it real for me.
i love that the only words i could make out were,
"thank you" at the very end. that was rad.

Anonymous said...

You ate that choco-vagina didn't you? that's why you have that look on your face.
There's something outside of the frame you are not showing us!

Anonymous said...

I used to make some really really really boring video blogs. Then I found your site. I like how creative you are. Your subway video inspired me to do this video of my everyday bus ride. Enjoy ;)

Devin said...

I watched Brittney's eyes do that in the car yesterday. It was awesome. I wanted to capture it. We have similiar ideas.

Faux Press said...

Remixed this yesterday. It was a blast.

Rock on.

marty allen said...

my favorite you've made in some time, ms ryanne.

ah how the beantown misses you. and new york is better for having you there. with faith and patience, uncle monsterface may be crusading alonside you yet.

keep fighting that good good fight.

Anonymous said...

That one was really good. Especially the eyes part. It was so good I kept thinking about how maybe I wasn't hearing the music that should have gone with it.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Ha.. You have discovered the beauty of subway vlogging!!!!