Wednesday, April 06, 2005



Anonymous said...

Girls name first... girls name first.

Ian said...

Im liking that colour.

he's right. your like a ninja with a glue stick.

- Ian

Anonymous said...

did that say deafman hunter? i can't read that, it's all fuzzy yo. HAHA. my mailbox says fever5000.

Anonymous said...

MY mailbox says "MANAGER"

oh, i just love it that you're wearing your claddagh ring! that is the best part.

you rock my world.
you and your fancy nyc love affair.


Anonymous said...

that was something of the essence of vlogness
making ritual out of daily life
i'm inspired

Josh Leo said...

This is why I like vlogs. This little moment in your life has so much symbolic meaning it is amazing. It is something that is very simple yet very important.