Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I have been inspired by recent comments from Migel and Sinead O'Connor and always by
The Human Dog, The Voiz and Jonny Goldstein.


Chris Daniel said...

Amen, Sister!

joel said...

Hallelujah Sister!

Anonymous said...

um, yah? hell yah?


Anonymous said...

I so wanted to post something about SAY IT SISTER, but folks beat me to it, so I'll like, wildly applause and raise my CAM-era up to the SKY-uh, and I will bear WIT-ness and make one syllable words into TWO-uh!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was already played out in 1996. It was called Jennicam !


Question: Besides the technical aspects, how is Vlogging different than the Cam craze of the late 90's?


Anonymous said...

The technical aspects actually change what we do and say... Cameraphones are a perfect example of this.

You might not think a cameraphone is All That (technologically), and you're prolly right. But it changes your behavior a bit. Once you start realizing it's Real Easy to take pics and send 'em to people (or post to flickr), your actions change. You start to notice the little things.

Cam girls can now get out of the house and show us things, at school, at work, at the club. And so can you.

I guess we're all cam girls now. Wanna see my man-boobs? So h0t 4 U.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous---There's similarities and differerences.

Since I never actually watched Jennicam, the thing I will address ARE technical, but that like saying, what's the difference from the ability to control fire 20,000 years ago, and the ability to control electricity 100 years ago. Both technologies can be used for illuminating one's home, right? Technology matters.

Let's look at the similarities. Both Jennicam and videoblogs use the internet. Both use images and audio (I assume Jennicam used audio, right?) Both are made by women who are sort of in the same age range.

Those are about the only similarities.

What are the differences? 1) is that most videoblogs (in fact every videoblog I have ever seen) do not show live video. It's all prerecorded. They are not showing non stop footage. They are showing selected clips. 2) With the common advent of broadband, image quality is much better. Though I never saw Jennicam, I understand it consisted of audio and a image that refreshed every several seconds. It wasn't really video. 3) With the advent of RSS and enclosures, people have the ability to subscribe to vlog videos---That means they don't even have to go to, say, Ryanne's blog to see her videos. It's almost like there is a Ryan TV station. You can subscribe to her content and that of whatever videobloggers you wish via mefeedia.com or ANT without going individual vloggers' sites. This is huge. 4) Videoblogging retains the interactive features of regular blogging like these comments we are engaged in as well as trackbacks. 5) Most vlogs have their video in a format that viewers can actually download. This means they can easily download, sample, reedit, and remix other people's vlog entries and then put up their new versions. 6) Once Jennicam ended, it was just a memory. Now that free online storage for video exists at the Internet Archive one can conceivable acccess vlog entries in perpetuity. These are a few differences. They are are ALL technical, but the implications are huge.

As for the non content difference, since I never saw Jennicam, I can't really tell you, but I'm sure that Ryan and Jenni, being different people, generate different content.

If you would like to check out a broad variety of vlog content, check out videoblogging.info.

Any other differences people can think of, technical or non technical?

taxiplasm said...


Jay Dedman said...

what is the difference between Webcams and Videoblogs?
good question.
A webcam allows live streaming...marginally interesting.
A videoblog encourages short video posts that are usally thought out and edited.
They are archivable and searchable.
Imagine our grandkids watching the videoblogs of my life.
They will watch me grow and go through my life and SEE my personality.
And its only as good as I am honest.
This is what Ryan's post says to me.

A.O. Flores said...

Preach it Sister Ryanne!
I felt the Holy Spirit on that one.

That gives a new meaning to evlogelical. When which I like better.

Jen Simmons said...


And who WANTS to work for a place that would be upset with you for having a "dissident" opinion (probably a very common one) about the pope. How come so many people forget that?? I don't want to work for any such place. Give them 40-60 hours of my life every week to further their "mainstream", potentially horrible/corrupt/world-killing agenda... if they say oh, "we don't know if it's okay to hire someone like Ryan because of what she said", then consider yourself lucky to not get that job. AND KNOW you are instead *bonus* strong set-up to be the person you are and get the job you are supposed to spend your life waking hours and breath on! If you were silent, cautious, fearful... you'd never meet the people you have, never create the path you are creating, and never get the job that's perfect for you.

Anonymous said...

u are great ryan!

Anonymous said...

great Great GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Haha you are preaching to the converted. I express ALL my opinions, no matter how nasty, on my vlog at modernsingledad.com

Anonymous said...

You know you got it goin'on when shee-it is a two syllable word!

Express yourself! Yee Ha!

art & thought mechanic said...

now that all the links are back up
i can catch up on your ARCHIVE.