Friday, April 08, 2005

Conversations: The Pope

If anyone is going to hell, it would be this guy.


Kelsey said...

You know... in the past several days, I've just followed the general public and have been sad, the non-catholic person that I am, confirming my 'sadness' and "aww, that's too bad"s with the simple fact that he was a religious leader from before I was born, and before other's were even thinking about what to do with... whatever.
But I've never thought about it that way, the whole Priest-on-Boy action was definately not thought of. Poo, guess I'll have to rebel against popular oppinion once more, boy howdy, can I ever stop?

Luca said...

I had to come to blogosphere to listen some critics upon the Pope. You know.. here in Italy since he died we have some kind of One big nationwide TV Show. And the worst part of it is that everyone is saying that this was a "great Pope" (he's called.. Magno"), that he changed history... etc. So, thank you for this free-speech area.

By the way, I fully agree with you when you speak about condoms and HIV spread in africa... but when you talk about the sexual scandals maybe you should split the pope on one side and the priests on the other. He's a religious leader, so he could have ethical responsibility when he says "don't use condom!" but he can't control priests actions.

ps: funny see two VideoBlog stars in the same video. are we going to have some kind of Bloggywood star system? :)

Anonymous said...

How sad,
I only hope that when you both die [after a long a fulfilling life - A life that is full of conviction and following your heart] That people will honor you both with good words of your deeds and understand that there is a time and place for conversations and debate about your faults, and that time and place isn't when people that loved you are mourning their significant loss.

Good luck to both of you.

Anonymous said...

This is your dad speaking. i think the world is in need of vid-triloquist personality to bring humor and enlightenment to an age so desperately in need of both. (this following detail is from Laurie: So you take a video camera, stick it in a sockdog type hand puppet, or better yet as the face of a ventriloquist dummy, point, shoot, share. Who would know?)
Love, Dad and Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hhhmmm… was the Pope only all bad? I understand what you said, somethings will be remembered like that, conservative and controversial. But don´t you really have anything good to say about the man? Are you really being objective here, or just following a trend…?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have considered the ramifications of such comments on your potential careers. Please make sure you show this to all your future employers and clients and let us know.

Good Luck,
Sinéad O'Connor

ryanne said...

when have i EVER claimed to be objective?
these are my personal views here miguel.
and as for these comments affecting my future career/jobs:
please see my previous post-
and understand that i'm not concered wether some potenial employer likes what i have to say about the pope or anything else for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Ok, objective isn´t the word. English is not my native language, please cut me some slack ;-).
The thing is I like what you and Jay post. And I had the impression that you tried to be informed about what you spoke about. I don´t mean you have to study for 2 years to be able to speak your mind about the Pope or whatever, but from people like the two of you, I expected more. It sounded like you were being mainstream, cool, lefty, whatever… and I expected something… more. Never mind , I´m rambling. All the best.

taxiplasm said...

I personally love the whole Almodovar titles with the LA MALA EDUCACION vibe- which totally sets the mood of the catholic priest molestation.

Amen! (pun intended)

Faux Press said...

As a survivor it's been difficult to hear the ongoing stories about how the RC Church handles / mis-handles the sexual abuse scandal. The Pope knew about it too. How could he not?

The most difficult part of healing from a hurt is forgiveness. Thought I'd gotten there. Really did.

With the Pope's passing have to say that there's more work to do. Oh well.

Amen, sista R. Let's all be reborn. In something. Anything. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I really don't think you were just being cool or following a trend with this post. It is something that a lot of people need to hear. However, for the most part, I’d have to say I agree with Miguel. I guess I just trust people’s opinions more, and find myself more open to them, when they are not so extremely one-sided. Few things are so black and white.
It is the same problem I have with everyone saying that the pope was fabulous. Lets face it, he wasn’t all good, he wasn’t all bad. He was somewhere in the middle.
It does seem as though this post is a fair way to respond to all of the blind praise shoveled his way lately (an eye for an eye and whatnot), but it would still be nice to hear someone say, “Hey, JP II did all these great things... and all of these sucky things too! Remember? What a guy!”
Guess I need to start my own vlog...


Anonymous said...

dear sinead o'connor,

I wonder if you have considered the ramifications of your butt on your potential careers. Please make sure you show it to all your future employers and clients and let us know.

good luck,

Anonymous said...

what the hell is this?the comments will have ramifications on people´s careers?so you are not free to have opinions anymore?do you people live in a totalitarian,communist country or in a democratic one?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has a problem with Ryanne's post and free speech can just go f**k themselves. Don't you get it? This is her opinion. Like every other human being, she's entitled to it. She's also entitled to only post as much of her opinion as she feels necessary to make a video clip. This is not a news article and she's not held to any standard to give "complete" coverage to any viewpoint or incident. Even if she did just happen to think some great things about the pope, noone is holding a gun to her head saying she had to put those thoughts on video too. That would just be redundant. Everyone else has already put those thoughts all over the web and other forms of media.