Friday, April 22, 2005

April 22: Earth Day


LeslyePJ said...

I just noticed that you have a Video Blogger T-shirt on!! Did you make it?

Anonymous said...

C'mon, admit it--you love bacon....your mother loves bacon and your grandmother loves bacon and you come from a long line of bacon lovers!
But we do not love styrofoam--it doesn't taste good, it's not greasy,and it definitely does not go with eggs!

taxiplasm said...

"I love meat! I love bacon! Ham is the greatest thing ever!" -Morgan Spurlock of SUPER SIZE ME

-yeah, I worry about all that trash just piling up somewhere on the earth that just takes up space and pollutes the air that is going to prevent people from living in our already over-populated world. tsk tsk. - but all that trash, imagine its artistic potential!


ps-I love your video blogger shirt!! -did you make it? -where can I get one?!

Doug said...

Here’s a tip if you must eat on the go… don’t get you soft drink at the fast food restaurant. Drop into your local convenience store/gas station and get a fountain drink. When your done with the drink, keep the cup and use it the next time you go to the store. Not only will you pay much less for the drink than you would at the fast food joint but you will beable to reuse the cup countless number of times. All of the convenience stores that I’ve tried this with are OK with it. It is the second step in the recycle continuum… Reduce-Reuse-Recycle!

Faux Press said...

Ah, but what to do about it?

Starting small, one brings unhappiness / discomfort to the attention of the owner of the restaurant. If the restaurant's a chain, one could have a form letter stored on one's hard drive to print & send to the CEO of the corporation.

One might also register a "No" vote at the time of purchase by insisting on the removal of the offending food delivery device prior to purchase.

Apart from environmental concerns, it's my understanding that these food delivery devices are bad for one's health, at least when used with hot food.

No time to research at the moment, but under the impetus of your piece, I shall.

ryanne said...

yes my shirt was made by rene of luxomedia for videoblogging week 2005.
get one here:
and see her whole week of making these here:

YRG said...

MacDonald Productions is streaming a preview of Synthetic Sea, a video about how these plastics break down and eventually end up in the ocean, eaten by birds and fish who normally eat the plankton that the plastic resembles.