Monday, December 27, 2004

Mom Pod

i'm trying to convince my mom to start a pod cast.
meet my family.


Anonymous said...

i like overalls. don't make fun of overalls or i'll mess you up- yo.

marty allen said...

i'm gonna second the overalls comment here.

your family is officially the cutest ever (except for the, wait, that's cute...)

didn't the freemasons teach logan to ride bikes?


ryanne said...

jesus you guys
i like overalls.
i was just trying to get a rise out of ashley.
and it worked!!!
(overalls are for dirty hippy farmers though)

Anonymous said...

ryan...i shit you not.
this is one of those quintessential videoblog posts.
a family in the kitchen talking about decentralizing the media.
plus its funny.
who are you?


Sharyn Morrow said...

I've been lurking for a while now, enjoying your dispatches (thanks to Chuck for sending me your way) but this is one of my favorites. Your family is freaking awesome!

Unknown said...

That is a great post. Need more episodes with your Mom.

Andy said...

Bib-overalls are the best! They are cool and comfortable.I wear overalls at home and at work.And I'm not a "hippie farmer"! And I live in the burbs(although I did grow up in the country).Here in Ontario a lot of people wear overalls.So whats the big deal? Can we see a pic of you wearing them? Keep up with the great blog.
Andy from Kingston

ryanne said...

i was just poking fun
i like overalls just fine.