Thursday, December 09, 2004


Deplorable is my vocab word of the week. I just happen to be using it a lot.
I keep thinking of stories i want to tell and here are some of them...


Anonymous said...

dude, i love your video blogg.
your stories cracked me up tonight! i never think of elementary school teachers as smokers... but i guess i never think of nannies as doing most of the stuff that i do- so there you have it.
i hope that the naked lady is the guy's ex-girlfriend! ha ha ha ha!
when we get back in june, we'll be in the market for some phat cargo van art. start brain storming now! maybe we'll get a picture of that guys ex-girlfriend!

love ya,

Eric Botticelli said...

no relation to this post:

"So you're making a sweet potatoe kugel?"
"Sweet Potatoe Kugel. I downloaded this off of Google, for my Kugel. This is something new we're gonna try."

hehe.. thanks for showing that to the vblog group

Anonymous said...

dude it's seth - nice facial acrobatics - glad you've mostly dropped the fakeumentary style - you make me miss my own personal video journal - asswipe

Eric Botticelli said...

Wow.. I am in the middle of this video and I must say: that flash of LA was amazing.

It escapes the standard format that exists in my mind of what a "diary video blog entry" should, or more accurately, should not be.

Eric Botticelli said...

RE: your question, are you objectifying a woman?

no, what you conveyed to me was a sense of the cosmic hilarity the situation represents:

The idea of some random male drivin around steered by randomness in his machismo car with some random fictionalized, mythologized, downsized, enlarged, female image on the hood.

Its hilarious... when we are not mindful of the possible real-world consequences that objectifying any person or type of person can have.... but that's almost another issue.

Eric Botticelli said...

re: freedom of expression

we are led to believe pornography is illegal. It is not. It really does have to do with free speech.

Many people would rather not see a graphic photorealistic image of genitals, for example, in a public place, where their little children wander. Is this a bad thing? I don't know. I do, however, strongly support the freedom of expression.

However, if you put a huge picture of a young persons image (nude), photorealistic, on your car, I'll make a bet with you that you will be brought to court.

ryanne said...

facial acrobatics....exactly!
good one seth.

(on my way to get some naked people painted on the hood of my subaru)

gdg said...
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gdg said...

while it is concievable/arguable that this is not an objectifiying image, it seems that one might recieve the idea that the message being sent by this car is "this is my ride and this is my bitch(or at least this is the bitch i would like to ride like my car)". is it goofy? yes. is it objectifying? sure seems like it to me.

anyway, video blog rules! soooo awesome, ryan!

Josh Leo said...

I love smell memories, smellories? I have some favorite ones form my childhood too.