Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Meet Marta and paperrad.org

two wonderful things that exist in the world...

will this show up on the crazyplaylist on me-tv.com?


Anonymous said...

how did he know how my brain worked?


Daniell Krawczyk said...

This video is great.

Can you make a DVD of this? Is it licensed under the Creative Commons? It would be cool to show on our channel and put on the DigitalBicycle.

Tell your friend that if she's going to be in Budapest that that best coffeeshop/bar in the city is a tiny one-door place accross from the side entrance from the Big Market with a Starropramen sign. It's called V. Bejaro.

Chuck Olsen said...

My head a'splode!
Sooo good

Anonymous said...


I just found your site, and I guess I hoarded a bit more of your bandwidth :)

This vlog is great. I just saw your super8opera.mov and .. wow. I guess I will use my digital camera a bit more - it is just a still camera but hey I can do small quicktime movies on it as well. And I will videlog. If I can figure out how to upload stuff that is. Hmm.

My point in commenting was just this: Have you ever heard of Videohometraining? Their site is at: http://www.videohometraining.nl/ The style of paperrad reminded me of them. VHT are based here in Bergen, Norway and I saw them at this place called Landmark earlier this year. It was a Micromusic (www.micromusic.net) event, and I was fascinated by the whole scene. Anyway, take care, and thank you for inspiring me to go videolog myself - at least to Try :)

Raymond aka dltq