Thursday, January 03, 2008

Semanal: Can We Do It?

rupert, the originator of NaVloPoMo, challenges us again with Semanal- post 1 video a week for 2008. 52 videos is not that many! we can do it! and it will get us all videoblogging again...join the ning group so we can all encourage one another!


Glenn Zucman said...

Good luck with your quest! I guess some of them can be more or less ambitious than others...

Amusingly I've started a little quest of my own for 2008: I'm going to try to run 52 10k's

Good luck to us both!

-- Glenn

Anonymous said...

In the beginning was the word, and the word was vlog. The rest is history.

This is...faaaabulous.

(One a week? Oh my god.)

Rupert said...

Hurray for the promo! Cool and beautiful and slightly creepy in its reversedness and dark voyeuristic feel. Nice colours. Colors. Clrs.

And just came here directly from watching your brilliant Carp Caviar promo with the dancers.

We can do it! You can do it! VIVA SEMANAL!

Unknown said...

Viva Vloggers!

iconjohn said...

Good for you Ryanne, looking forward to seeing more videos. IMHO, it has been the social networks that have hurt vlogging and I'm guilty of it too. Too much time on Facebook and Twitter takes away from the RSS feeds one might be viewing.

ryanne said...

i agree that the other socially networking things have crimped my blogging (and others) but i also think it brings people more immediately close together, which at this point in time i could not live without. twitter is my life. i love it.

Anonymous said...

heck yeah we can! Hell I'm going one a day for the year. WOOOOO!