Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amsterdam: Stuff We Saw

ahhhhhh. i love this city. i do, i do.


Anonymous said...

Love you too! Come back soon...

missbhavens said...

What was that lurking underwater? And what on earth was in that bowl? Marshmallows, chocolate covered espresso beans and toffee lumps? But why?

ryanne said...

i know wasnt that the weirdest, most tempting bowl in the universe?
it had white sugar cubes, brown sugar cubes and chocolate espresso beans
all for your coffee.
needless to say, we would sit in this place for a long time
and nibble on the chocolates in a some what deviant fashion.
shiny chocolate beans staring up at me? i couldn't help it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome group of shots, as always. I'm always looking for things to capture to put together these types of videos because they truly are my favorite ones. I just don't get out enough I guess. Can't wait to catch up on the rest of your trip.