Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Naga Crew

The first day of the Air Jaldi Summit was an amazing hike in the mountains-a great way to get to connect with people before a conference. I happened to be talking with Tracy when I mentioned that Jay and I were in India primarily to teach people videoblogging. Tracy freaked and told me that we needed to teach this crew of kids from Nagaland, whom she's been working with, to videoblog. We had a couple extra days in New Delhi before heading home, so of course we were thrilled. This Naga crew has interesting stories because they are from a part of India that wishes to be the sovereign nation that it once was before British Colonial Rule. I have a list of their blogs that I will post when I get home to SF.


here are the naga crew's blogs (see jay's post about why they might not be posting):

Yoyo- http://crazynaga.blogspot.com/
Abu- http://dzii.blogspot.com/
Chon- http://kazing.blogspot.com/
Soso- http://aliensos.blogspot.com/
Apam- http://nativesky.blogspot.com/
Bangyaa- http://bangyaa.blogspot.com/
Sorei- http://khuiralung.blogspot.com/


schlomo rabinowitz said...


Looking forward to seeing what they make!

Rachael G. said...

i'm still captivated by this wonderful footage.

sorry if this has already been stated/asked, but is there a place that you've posted some of the vlog pages of your students?

keep up the incredible work!