Wednesday, December 21, 2005

3A Remixed

Daniel from Pouring Down made this remix. I love his stuff! Thanks Daniel.

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Jeremiah Murphy said...

Hilarious. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vlogging Princess:
I have been reading the NYTimes coverage of the transit strike but know you could cover it better.

How 'bout it?


Steve Garfield said...

Best video ever!

The best!

Steve Garfield said...

I loved this so much that if it was right here next to me I'd hug it!

ryanne said...

I'm actually out of NYC visiting family or else i would be covering it!
I asked other NYC'ers to get some good stuff...hope to see it soon

F Daum said...

The original and this remix would sit together great on a tutorial page for sound. The sound levels all work together on the remix and even the script works nicely. I'm happy I watched this video.

Michael said...

Post aside, I am wearing headphones. When the dog barked I nearly jumped off my seat. I don't know how you made the dog sound like it was comming up behind me, but it was marvelous!