Monday, October 03, 2005

Minnesota Public Radio Videoblog Interview MP3 Pt. 2

Here is Part 2 of the Minnesota Public Radio Interview where Chuck Olsen joins the party.


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Cool, Nice Vlog
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Jonny Goldstein said...

Nice interview. I like having the slightly adversarial interviewer. Her voice kind of freaked me out though. It seemed so....trained. Voice lessons and all that. Kind of like wearing a power suit. Still, I thought she was fair, and I liked that fact that listeners could ask questions.

mrmultiple2 said...


It's so awesome to hear your activist voice Ryanne, to hear Jays articulate passion, and Chucks wit and charm of and about video's simply amazing.... that at 3:39 am the news is coming to me, that the "news" I care about, am interested in, that challenges me creatively, informs me technically, provokes me intellectually, is being made by you three. As an observer I toatally embrace that the love, the art, the communication, the connection to people for people IS the Forefront of this medium.

Congradulations on the continuing success,
and Thank You.

~juan carlos gonzalez

Chuck Olsen said...

my worst allergy/sinus day of the entire year, and i'm on the radio... d'oh!

it was lots of fun. yeah, i'm glad she was a little adverserial too, makes things interesting and we have to walk the walk.

a few days ago i got to see Verdi and Jen Simmon, now Ryanne and Jay via radiowaves, it's been a sweet vlog week.