Sunday, April 17, 2005

For Joel


dltq said...

That was very cool!

Also nice to remember that this is not some fiction. This is real. You guys really moved together, and I really awoke at 4 AM yesterday morning because the people in the floor above ours had a wild party and trashed the music on max.

Wait, am I the first to comment this time? Quickquick postpost.

Anonymous said...

shit i got you guys the same thing! well do you guys need glow in the dark chopsticks? - jj f 5k

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryanne. You got me hooked on vlogging! I went out a bought a new digital camera, started shooting and editing video (for the first time ever), and posted my first video this week with a second going up tonight.

I think I'm also one of the first people to start vlogging on Livejournal now that support RSS feeds with enclosures on free accounts. If you know any others off hand, please let me know.

I also started a vlogger LJ community to help spread the word. I'll be posting lots of helpful links soon.

If you or Jay or Michael or anyone reading this has any input on any of these things I'm working on, drop me a line anytime.
- Pat O'Dea