Saturday, April 07, 2007

VBWeekDay6: The Kitchen After

VBWeekDay6: The Kitchen After
direct .mp4, yo!

ok ok the kitchen is not fully done, but you get the picture, eh? funny having jay, verdi and i in one house. we just sit on the computers and twitter each other. talk, why talk?


Cheryl said...

Ha ha! Talk? Why talk? Precisely. The kitchen looks nice, the cats look happy.

Chuck Olsen said...


art & thought mechanic said...

looks fantastic guys
verdi's wall is superb
nice accent to the place
streamline vrooooooom!

Okay i think everything i type now
is attempting tobe under 140 charachters.

B said...

cats in love! always the best part.

missbhavens said...

I spy with my little eye...a slide out cutting board! Sweet action!

SO not only did you actually complete VBW07 (not to mention videos elsewhere, too) you also finished the kitchen AND have time to tweet?

I want to be Ryanne when I grow up.

ps: digging the striped wall. And the no talking. Funny.

Jen Simmons said...

I am so coming to hang out with you guys -- oh, yeah, after I finish my thesis film. Right. (See ya in four months.)

Lucas Gonze said...

This was really short. It was almost, well, under 140 characters.

J. k. N. said...

The kitchen looks great.
Nice choice on the handles.