Saturday, October 14, 2006

Second Day in India

Jay and I share a camera if you couldn't tell already. Thanks to Jay for editing! Also featured over at Momentshowing. we're heading to Mumbai tomorrow to do a presentation to some Mass Media students about videoblogging. Pretty darn cool.


Rachael G. said...

I am so incredibly excited about these vlogs from India - good luck with your classes... technology is amazing.

p.s. aren't you glad you traveled light!?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT seems like India! Those cattle that have a hump on their backs are called "Brahmin" I think and they were brought to the states and bred with different cattle here--one combination is the brahmin bred with black angus--called "brangus". So sometimes on my mom's farm you see cattle that look like the Indian cattle. It's a small world. What did you buy on your shopping trip? Do people stare at your tatoos?

M. Matthews said...

that cow crossing traffic is hillarious. so cool to see.

Steve Garfield said...

I liked this frame:

taxiplasm said...

dude -that was a freakin cow crossing the street!

it's just like when people think about TX, they think that freakin horses walk the streets and I'm like -yeah right, that would never happen -well apparently things like that happen in India-


Anthony said...

A different world, a different world. Wow that really looks like such a different place from anything I've ever seen from NY to SF.
I can't imagine driving my fuel truck in that traffic. May I'd need a little skull on my truck too. But driving around cars, motorcycles, bikes and cows that has got to be an interesting driving situation.

dorjigyaltsen said...

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