Sunday, September 04, 2005

Death and Dispair

Thanks to Chuck at Blogumentary for posting this.
I know a lot of people who don't watch TV, don't have cable who haven't seen any of this. Television is so antiquated, it's easy for these moments to get lost.


Lukas Blakk said...

i wonder too - are they going to be left there to die? wow. this is insane. when you think of all the hooplah over protecting the country from imaginary WMD, where is that protection now?

Anonymous said...

The USA never gets tired of saying they are the most powerful country of the world. I wonder, were is that power? How is it possible that Cuba is offering help? To send 125 doctors so they can help?!?!?!

I mean, those images were ones that we could see everyday in Africa, but here? In "America"???? I don't get it. It appears so that the government doesn't really care about all this people. Is Bush expecting for the Justice League to "appear out of nowhere" and help?


Carl Weaver said...

Every time I watch the news I can't help but think that this must be the darkest day in our country's long history. Then I keep watching and am surprised again by the lack of caring demonstrated by the government. And it's not just a lack of caring - it's outright hostility.

That shitbag leader of FEMA should be fired. To give as an excuse that people had been told to evacuate the city before the storm came hearkens back to a time when Marie Antionette was quoted as saying, "Let them eat cake."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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ryanne said...

dear anonymous
i get to delete your messages!
because i'm in charge.

if you want to have a real sign in name with email and not be a dick, i'll keep you on.

until then

Anonymous said...

Just interjecting an opposing opinion to generate a little interesting conversation instead of all the endless incestuous pattings on the back I see around here.

Rocketboom kicks ass and your stuff is boring and unimaginative. Me thinks it's time for you to get a job.

ryanne said...

ha ha ha!
that's hilarious

Chuck Olsen said...

jobs are for losers!
revlog power!

-m-e-l-i-s-s-a- said...

Hi, I've not vlogged in a while, but for those of you wishing to donate funds, Art, and other types of support to those affected by the hurricane and subsequent negligence of the bush administration you can donate in San Antonio thru Sala Diaz, a gallery which will be sending proceeds from the next 3 exhibitions to the victims.
All funds will be donated to Red Cross and Noah’s Wish. Also, might I suggest a few letters to your congress people.