Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Verdi Gets Pissed

This was a clip from the last video conference that some of us vlogger nerds do every couple days. This is how we hang out, I'm serious.
I like what Verdi was saying. We're not here to be on TV. We're here to be parallel to TV, right? Ro posted this, thanks Ro.


Lisa said...

Right. On.

ro said...

verdi fucking rules. i mean seriously, how can you be so cool? dont you get to a level of enlightenment and just implode?

well i think verdi got even more enlightened and stopped himself from that uber level of implosion, because he got *that* enlightened

the man is a genius, a visionary, a prophet, the net.vlog prophet

he speaks and we listen

all hail the Electric Verdi, keeper of our souls, savior to our spirits, and all-round swell chap

Lukas Blakk said...

um - these videoconferences...where do they happen? are they invite-only? i'm still pretty new around here and the first videoconference i saw/participated in was during cloggercue. can you tell me more?

R said...

it's linked from the videoblogging yahoo group site:


Carl Weaver said...

This is incredible - raw and real. Verdi is passionate - that's what I love about the vlogs I see from the "pioneers."